Meet Sonia Boutin

Sonia Boutin is now well known as a successful pharmacist and business person. She is actually one of the two masterminds behind the Quebecer company So how did Sonia get here? What are the values that inspire her? Here is her unique journey, under the theme "innovation".

A woman with a vision

Mother, spouse, lawyer, pharmacist, entrepreneur... Sonia Boutin wears many hats and isn't afraid of a project!

Her career as a pharmacist starts as part of the Jean Coutu group, more than twenty years ago. She quickly realizes that, to have a greater impact with her patients, she can't just wait for them to come to her. She leaves the group, creates her own brand and sets up her pharmacies in seniors' residences to offer them a better service.​


Today, five years after her noteworthy departure from the big group, Sonia is pharmacist owner of the 8 pharmacies named after her. She employs over sixty people and serves more than a million prescriptions per year. Now, she is also the pioneer of the Quebecer online pharmacy, with the technology platform All of this while raising her four children!

Innovate to serve others


As years go by, Sonia Boutin develops a leading expertise in caring for the most vulnerable ones, as well as in the management of treatments for chronic illnesses. Concerned with her clients' wellbeing, she automates completely her pharmacies' operations. Therefore she gives enough time back to the pharmacists to do the clinical follow ups that sets her apart from her competitors.​

In 2018, she notices that some American giants are establishing themselves in the North-American pharmaceutical industry. Determined to protect the Quebecer pharmacies from their clutches and to offer her signature service to the entire province, Sonia innovates some more. In collaboration with the entrepreneur Francis Valois, she launches the online pharmacy platform Its mission: simplify medication management for Quebecers.

Sonia Boutin, Lawyer and pharmacist owner affiliated with Medzy.

Closer to her patients 


Sonia Boutin's professional activity is centered around a reality understood directly on the ground: the patients that need the most care are typically the ones who are the least well cared for. She explains: "In pharmacies, the clients who are the most ills are those that we see the least, because they don't come out. To serve them well, we must go to them by offering a remote service and a highly qualified team of pharmacists. This is why I created Medzy."

Armed with her vision and knowledge, Sonia reinvents completely the traditional pharmacy experience: 100% online medication management, home delivery, packaging by time and date, 3-month service*, pharmacists available in a few clicks via the mobile app (including a 24/7 service by phone, for emergencies), automated renewals, etc. No more waiting in line or last minute visits to the pharmacy! Everyone at Pharmacy Sonia Boutin affiliated with Medzy is devoted to simplify the life of their clients: they are accessible in just a few clicks and handle their medication from A to Z!

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