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Obesity and Weight Loss Support program

Medzy has developed a support program that gives you direct access to affiliated pharmacists specializing in weight loss and obesity treatments so we can support you along the way. Whether you're just starting treatment or have already begun the process, we can help you. 

Affiliated pharmacists specializing in weight loss and obesity 
Ongoing support through the program 
Personalized follow ups 

How does it work?

Full support to help you with your weight loss


Once you've received your prescription, sign up for the program and benefit from our support.

Introduction to the support program

One of our affiliated pharmacists will contact you to introduce you to the program. A questionnaire will be sent to you to understand your situation better. 

Initial consultation and support

During your first consultation, you'll discuss your background and current health status. Then, having established the objectives of your plan, you'll begin your treatment. 

Periodic and ongoing

After one week of treatment, an affiliated pharmacist will contact you to assess your response to the medication. We will then schedule regular follow-ups to optimize your treatment and dosage over the long term. 


Do you need a prescription?

The Clinique de la Cité de Vaudreuil can provide a prescription for the support program with its weight loss and obesity specialists and offer you ongoing follow-up.

"The program has been developed to provide you with all the tools you need to get started or continue your path towards achieving your goals." 

Anthony Gauthier,

Medzy Affiliate Pharmacist, Head of Pharmacy

Certified Obesity Canada Professional

Foire aux questions

What are the program fees?

The Quebec health insurance plan covers fees for consultations with our affiliated pharmacists. However, if your program includes a prescription for the services of a nutritionist or kinesiologist, consultation fees will apply. Check with your insurance provider, as you may be covered for these services.  

Start your Support Program today.

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