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Did you know that the price of your medication varies from pharmacy to pharmacy when you are covered by private insurance?

Sonia Boutin
Pharmacist, entrepreneur and mother of 4

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What if taking care of yourself was all you had to do

Thanks to the automation of our online pharmacy operations, our pharmacists can focus all their efforts on providing an unparalleled customer experience.

Easy consultations

by phone, SMS, email or chat

Proactive renewals

and personalized treatment follow-ups

Free delivery everywhere in Quebec

in discreet packaging


Package per dose in packs

or in recyclable vials

We also deliver your other items

such as inhalers, creams and glycemia tests

24/7 on-call service

by phone for emergencies



Transparent billing, no hidden fees

Our customers only pay the amount not covered by their insurance. Delivery and service are always free!


Competitive prices. Check the price of your medication with our online quote tool.

here for you

Our pharmacists are


24/7 service by phone for emergencies


Prescribing and extending prescriptions


Instant and confidential consultations


Customized treatment follow-ups

Eco-friendly packaging

We have built our online pharmacy service on the premise that convenience should never be at the expense of the environment. Therefore, it was important for us to provide a free medication delivery service using only recyclable packaging.

In addition, all of our cardboard packagings are made from recycled paper and our plastics are in the PET category. So don't forget to put all your empty packaging in your blue bin, even the individual sachets!

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* Some conditions may apply - contact us to learn more. Only pharmacists of the Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc. affiliated with Medzy are responsible for pharmacy practice. They only provide related services acting under Sonia Boutin, pharmacist-owner.