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About us

Quebec's 100% online pharmacy platform focused on the health and well-being of patients

Medzy and its affiliated pharmacists stand out by offering a personalized, efficient and accessible service at all times. The approach remains focused on the customer experience, and the goal is to ensure the quality of life of customers through good pharmaceutical follow-up.


Through the platform, customers have access to a fully online service . They can order their medications and receive them free of charge anywhere in Quebec; and have access the telepharmacy and 24/7 emergency service. Pharmacists and patients have never been so close.


Services are offered to the whole family and are also specifically adapted for people who have developed a chronic disease.

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Medzy's Mission

Medzy was founded in 2019 by pharmacist and entrepreneur Sonia Boutin with the goal of developing and building the most customer-centric pharmacy technology: accessible, personalized and efficient.

Medzy's Promise

Pharmacists of Sonia Boutin pharmacie inc. affiliated with Medzy are committed to following you, getting to know you and advising you. Our priority remains your safety and well-being, and that includes taking the right medication and follow-up.


At Medzy, we believe that values are the foundation of any business. We promote our values in all aspects of our business and in our relationships with our customers, employees and partners. Our values are essential in helping us achieve our goals and provide our customers with an exceptional experience.

Be Audacious

Take Care

Maintain Integrity

Our history


- 2019 -

Sonia Boutin co-founded the Medzy platform, a Quebec-based company offering a practical and secure solution that connects pharmacists to their patients remotely through its technological platform.

- 2021 -

Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc. continues to expand its services and acquires  POSO+ and Pharmacie Martin Gilbert inc.


- 2022 - 

Medzy continues to expand its offerings and is implementing various patient monitoring programs to ensure compliance with treatment.

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