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Our pharmacists

They are at the heart of your health solution.

Meet the team of affiliated pharmacists who take your health in hand. Our pharmacists are your health allies. Team up with them!

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How the pharmacist can help you

Pharmacists have a central role in our health care system, as it is their responsibility to ensure that you are using your medications properly.

What the pharmacist does for you

  • Educate you on medications and their use

    Offer advice on health and medications

  • Help solve problems with your medications

  • Monitor side effects and manage drug interactions

  • In the treatment of chronic diseases, among other things, evaluate and review your overall file (the diagnosis may lead to reducing a dosage or withdrawing a medication following the analysis, while ensuring your safety)

  • Providing a prescription (for certain medical conditions; conditions apply)

  • Provide telepharmacy consultations

  • Provide advice on how to reduce your pharmaceutical bill


The pharmacist's goal is to ensure that your medications are safe for you and that they meet your therapeutic goals, that you are achieving the right results, and that you are following the dosage.

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Sonia Boutin

President and Cofounder of Medzy, Pharmacist-owner

President and cofounder of Medzy, and pharmacist-owner of Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc., Sonia Boutin is a pharmacist-owner for over 20 years. In 2015, after a noteworthy departure from the Jean Coutu Group, she founded the chain of independent pharmacies that bears her name. She practises pharmacy mostly in seniors’ residences and develops a leading expertise in remote therapeutic support.

A true visionary, Sonia sees an opportunity to extend the service for which she is well-known and cofounds in 2019 the Medzy platform. She creates Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc., a new online pharmacy service. 

Sonia Boutin operates 8 pharmacies, employs 60 people and manages more than one million prescriptions per year for her clients. Over the years, she has developed cutting-edge expertise in the  accompaniment of the most vulnerable and managing treatments for chronic diseases.

Anthony Gauthier

Affiliate Pharmacist, Head of Pharmacy

Anthony Gauthier obtained his Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2020 and immediately began his career at Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin Inc. in 2022 as Chief Pharmacist.

The areas of practice that interest him the most are mental health and obesity treatment and nutrition. What Anthony enjoys most about his work and what sets him apart are his communication skills. He enjoys interacting with people, listening to their situations and issues and using his skills to provide advice and assistance.  

Anthony is a very active person. Field hockey, skiing, surfing and golf fill his weekends, whether in Quebec or on his many trips abroad.

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