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Yeast Viginitis

Have you had a prescription for this condition in the last five years? Our affiliated pharmacists may be able to help.


What is yeast viginitis?

Yeast vaginitis is a common infection among women. This infection is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus (Candida) inside the vagina leading to itching and irritation at the vulva and vaginal entrance. 


Yeast vaginitis is often associated with the following symptoms:

  • The appearance of vulvar or vaginal redness

  • Itching in the vulva and at the entrance to the vagina

  • Burning or irritation

  • A whitish, odorless discharge (thick and lumpy)


Yeast vaginitis can be caused by a number of factors, including:

A weakened immune system
Hormonal imbalances
Prolonged use of antibiotics
Improper hygiene

Pregnant women, people with diabetes and those taking hormonal contraceptives are also more likely to develop yeast vaginitis. This infection is also more likely to occur in women during menstruation. Although yeast vaginitis is not a sexually transmitted infection, it is still more common in sexually active women.



If you have symptoms similar to those of yeast vaginitis, it is important to see a health care professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Yeast vaginitis is usually treated with antifungal* medications that help kill the fungi that cause the infection. Antifungals are usually available as creams, vaginal suppositories or oral tablets over the counter or by prescription.

How can I prevent yeast vaginitis?

To prevent recurrence of this type of infection, it is advisable to take certain steps:

  • Wash the genital area with a mild, unscented soap

  • Avoid douching and irritating products

  • Change tampons and sanitary napkins regularly

  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid tight, wet clothes

  • Avoid hot baths and spas

I want a prescription

If you've had a prescription for this condition in the last 5 years

Our affiliated pharmacists may be able to help. Register online, then request a prescription through the Medzy platform. One of our affiliate pharmacists will take the time to review your request in a consultation, answer your questions and agree on the best treatment for you to ensure your safety and best outcomes.

If you have never had a prescription for yeast vaginitis or if your last prescription was 5 years ago or more

You should make an appointment with a doctor. 

* Non-exhaustive list of treatments - Topical treatments: Clotrimazole-vaginal (Canesten®) Miconazole-vaginal (Monistat®) / Oral treatments: Fluconazole

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