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Fleas and ticks in cats and dogs   


In Canada, fleas and ticks are the most common parasites affecting cats and dogs. The warmer the climate, the more fleas and ticks proliferate and attack pets. Fleas and ticks multiply more in hot weather. An explosion can also occur in autumn and early winter.  

As a responsible pet owner, it's crucial to ensure your cat or dog has continuous protection against fleas and ticks throughout the year. This is especially important when temperatures reach or exceed four degrees Celsius, as this is when these parasites are most active.  

As a result, if your pet goes outdoors, it is exposed to an increased risk of picking up fleas and ticks. They can then transmit them to other pets. If you want to treat or prevent fleas and ticks, Medzy can deliver the treatments you need.    


Fleas attach themselves to the fur of cats or dogs. They are the most complicated parasite to eradicate.  

A single flea can lay up to 25 eggs a day. The laid eggs fall onto carpets, your pet's basket, or your bed. Eliminating a flea infestation is complex and can take several months.  

Not only are fleas unpleasant, but they are also a serious threat to your pet's health. Fleas can transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms. Some pets are allergic to flea saliva, resulting in allergic dermatitis (DAPP). Allergic dermatitis causes intense itching and scratching, which can lead to hair loss and other damage.




If your cat or dog catches fleas, you'll often see it trying to catch them with its mouth and scratching itself vigorously. Your cat or dog may also develop skin lesions and have very red, irritated skin under its coat. If any symptoms appear, visit your vet for further information. 

How can you protect your pet against fleas?


Preventive flea treatments come in various forms, including sprays, collars, and pipettes. They generally eliminate fleas on application and provide prolonged protection for several weeks. 

Preventive measures are the best way to avoid treatment against these parasites or the diseases they transmit. Consult your veterinarian to discover the options available and choose the treatment best suited to your companion's needs. 

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In Canada, dogs are commonly infested by two tick species: the American tick and the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis). The black-legged tick is associated with Lyme disease, which can also affect humans.

Black-legged ticks are found on the east coast of the United States and in eastern Canada. They are active from May to June and October to November. They climb branches and wait for an animal or human to pass them by before clinging on. On dogs, they cling to the head, neck, or back. 


Detecting symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs is complex. Despite being carriers of the disease, 95% of dogs have no symptoms. Only 5% of dogs infected with the black-legged tick will develop signs of Lyme disease.


Symptoms include:

  • Alternating, limping from one leg to the other   

  • Loss of appetite    

  • Fever   

  • Polyarthritis with joint swelling   

How can I prevent ticks?  

Tick prevention treatments are available in kibbles and pipettes, acting as repellents applied to the coat. However, if a tick is already attached to your pet's skin, these treatments won't be effective. In this case, it's essential to remove the tick carefully, using special tweezers to avoid infection.


Preventive measures are the best way to avoid treatment for these parasites or the diseases they transmit. Talk to your veterinarian about the options available and choose the treatment best suited to your companion's needs. 

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Need help for you and your furry friend?

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