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Heartworms in cats and dogs 


Heartworms are a constant threat to four-legged companions, penetrating their bodies. These parasites can also affect humans, making prevention a priority for the whole family's health.  

Your cat or dog can pick up worms by eating small animals, flea-infected insects, or soil containing feces.


By adopting effective preventive measures and staying informed about this parasite, Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin Inc. can help protect your pets from this insidious, invisible and hardly reversible threat. 


Heartworm (Dirofilaria Immitis) is a dangerous blood parasite transmitted by mosquitoes and infects cats and dogs. The larvae travel through your pet's bloodstream and settle in the pulmonary arteries and heart. Infection occurs through contact with infected eggs found in soil, feces or even your pet's coat. Heartworm cases have increased in southern Quebec and Ontario in recent years. IIt is essential to treat your pet to prevent the disease, as it can be challenging to treat once contracted. 


Prevention before your pet has symptoms is vital, as this will be too late. Veterinarians recommend getting a blood test every year for your pet's health. Symptoms can take several months to appear.

These symptoms include:

  • Cough 

  • Shortness of breath   

  • Exercise intolerance

  • Difficulty breathing 

  • Fatigue 

  • Weight loss

In severe cases, the animal may experience swelling of the abdomen, loss of balance and fainting. 

How can heartworms be prevented?  

Firstly, your vet should conduct an annual blood test to prevent the disease. Then, heartworm prevention begins in June and ends in November. It is recommended that your pet receive preventive medication once a month. Various types of topical or oral medication are available for this purpose. Then, with your prescription, the team at Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin Inc. can make your life easier by delivering all your cat's or dog's medications.     

Check out Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin Inc. app for heartworm treatment for your pet. Low prices and fast delivery are guaranteed. It is crucial to consult a veterinarian to obtain a prescription for the appropriate treatments.  

Need help for you and your furry friend?

Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin Inc.'s affiliated pharmacists are just a text away, ready to meet all your pharmaceutical needs. Take advantage of personalized follow-ups without leaving your home. 

Register now for fast, convenient health care for you and your pet. 

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