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Is ordering the pill online
a good idea?


February 22, 2024


Remember when you had to go to the bank to cash a cheque? Seems like forever ago, right? Nowadays, the thought of going to the bank for something so simple seems completely absurd, when all you need to do is sign in, take a photo of your cheque, and watch the money magically appear in your account, all without ever getting off your couch. 😎


Well, for the same reasons they’re e-depositing their cheques instead of going to the bank, more and more women are making the switch to online pharmacies: Because it’s practical, convenient, confidential, easy, and even kind of fun.

It’s practical

It’s 8:45 p.m. on a Sunday night when you realize your pack of pills is empty. You yank open your drawer to check for backups. Also empty! 😩  And now you’ve only got 12 minutes to make it to the pharmacy before it closes. Sound familiar? We have a feeling it might! 


Imagine if you didn’t have to think about it anymore. If, each time your prescription was running low, you got a text message confirming that your next order would be arriving in 2-3 days, always before your current pack runs out. No more trips to the pharmacy! The furthest you’d have to travel is from your living room to the front door… easy, automatic, and super convenient! Nope, it’s not magic. It’s an online pharmacy!

It's convenient

Have you ever got home from the pharmacy only to think, “Shoot! I forgot to ask if I can have a little glass of wine with this antibiotic?” Then you probably do like most people: consult the ultimate reliable source, Google. 😏  Since there’s not much you can’t find on Google, you’re sure to find answers to your questions. But are they the right answers? Google is Google, and a pharmacist is a pharmacist. You might as well compare apples to oranges.


With an online pharmacy, whenever you have a question, you can just send your pharmacist a text message. It’s that easy! Within a few minutes, you’ll get an answer from a health professional who’s much more trustworthy than Michelle on some random blog.

It's confidential

The great thing about an online pharmacy is that it’s completely confidential. 🤫  Because you’re in control of the place and time, your conversations with the pharmacist are 100% private. You also get to choose how you talk to them—phone, text, or email—depending how you feel that day.

It's easy

When you’ve spent years making monthly trips to the pharmacy, it’s only normal that switching to an online pharmacy might seem daunting. But it’s really not, we promise!


Signing up takes no more than 5 minutes. You start by creating your profile (name, phone number, date of birth), then select the pharmacy where you usually get your prescriptions filled. The online pharmacy takes care of transferring your file. You don’t even need to notify your old pharmacy. Easy as pie! Finally, you make an appointment with a team member, who will call you at a time that’s convenient for you. They’ll explain how everything works and find out when you need your next pack of birth control pills. Right on schedule, you’ll receive your first order a few days before your pack runs out. 💃🏻  Nothing could be easier! 

It’s even kind of fun

What could be fun about an online pharmacy, you say? Well, you’ll catch on soon enough! Is there anything more exciting than getting a package? 🤩  We said a package, by the way, not an envelope from the tax man, because that triggers a different reaction altogether! 


No matter what’s inside, getting a package is always a fun surprise. When the doorbell rings and you open it up to find a delivery person standing there with a package for you, well... it’s like you’re suddenly 5 years old all over again, waking up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa’s been. Pure joy! And it doesn't matter what it is: clothes, shoes, jewelry, shampoo, books, meals—even medications!

If you deposit your cheques using your smartphone instead of taking them to the bank, there’s no reason why you can’t order your birth control pills—or any other medication, for that matter—online. It’s practical, convenient, confidential, easy, and above all, fun.

Say goodbye to Sunday night oversights

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Medications: All medications and natural health products can interact with other medications or cause serious side effects. Carefully read the instructions, warnings, and pamphlets provided by the manufacturer, and talk to your pharmacist before buying any medication or natural health product. Always keep medications and natural health products out of the reach of children.


Pharmacy practice: The medications and pharmaceutical services featured on are provided exclusively by the pharmacists at Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc. affiliated with Medzy. In providing related services, they are acting exclusively on behalf of Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc. Certain conditions may apply; speak to your pharmacist.

This page is for information purposes only and does not replace the advice of your pharmacist or any other health professional. Always consult a health professional before starting or stopping any medication or making any other similar decision. 


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